Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do I need to disable my pop-up blocker here?

When you were a baby, if you weren't clad in evil Earth-killing disposable diapers, your parents likely used a diaper service. They'd send fresh new cloth diapers regularly to your home, which your parents (OK, your mother) would place on you. Your job was to turn those diapers into wet stinky containers of corruption and horror, which your parents would peel off you, throw into a bag and send back to the diaper company the next time the nice man brought fresh ones. Now, they used enough hot water, bleach and other harsh small-lifeform-killing chemicals that your parents didn't have to spend time pondering the fact that they weren't sending you back the SAME diapers. They didn't need to remember that more people had been in those pants than all the Kardashians' combined.

A year or two passed, your need for diapers abated, and you stopped getting your underwear delivered.

Until today. advertises itself as an "underwear subscription service".  For a nominal fee, they will mail you new underwear at regular intervals.

Blessedly, you are not getting communally worn and soiled breeches as in the days of your childhood, but new underwear, sent to you as you require them.

They offer rush service.  Now I gotta say, no matter HOW quickly they deliver, if I am in need of expedited underwear replacement, they shipping process cannot be fast enough.

Their FAQ describes themselves as:

A service that replenishes a man's basics like underwear, razors and more so he doesn't have to think about it anymore.
Small problem.  Men do not think about it now.  Underwear, like nutritional groceries and cleaning products, are purchased by girlfriends and/or wives if one is in a relationship, by servants and/or assistants if one is successful or influential, or they simply don't get bought. 

Many companies are trying to make the Internet the source of so many daily needs like video entertainment, books, and of course, porn, the reason the Internet was invented in the first place.  But many products have not made that jump successfully.  Many grocery websites have come and gone, and I still have some unredeemed flooz.and beenz.  So will internet underwear be the next boom, or their plan full of holes?

It could be worse...they could be offering disposables.


  1. Loved this! It'll be interesting to see if the average man can get over his typical inertia long enough to take out a Manpacks subscription. I swear, the world is getting more like Tex Avery cartoons every day! :-)

  2. Doubtless from the same people who brought Gotham City the Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service.